Pet Sitting

Your Dog Won't Be Bored at the Boarder's

Set up in-home pet sitting for your pup today. Located in Florence, KY serving Fort Wright, Fort Thomas, Covington and all of Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati, OH areas.

When you start packing your bags for a trip, your dog is going to notice. Their stress levels may rise, but you can keep them calm with in-home pet sitting service from NKY Pet Sit LLC located in Florence, KY. Our pet sitter can care for a variety of animals, including dogs, cats, birds and fish. Your pet will always have food, fresh water and lots of playtime.

Do what's best for your best friend. Set up your free consultation with our dog sitter today. We also offer kennel free dog sitting options!

3 benefits of in-home pet sitting

Our in-home pet sitting & kennel free dog sitting services are great because...

  1. Your dog will feel safer in their own home with access to all their favorite toys.
  2. Our dog sitter will also pick up your mail, take out your trash and water your plants.
  3. Your dog is less likely to pick up illnesses from the other dogs at the kennel.

You shouldn't have to take your dog to the boarder's when you go on vacation. Hire our team to pet-sit your pup in the comfort of their own home.

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Turn to Florence, KY locals for pet sitting

Would you hire a total stranger for pet sitting? Why not trust a member of your local community? Our small business focuses on building connections. We want to get to know you and your pets to provide you with better service. That way, you and your pet will feel more comfortable while you're gone.

When you hire our local team for pet sitting, you can rest assured your pet will receive attentive care. We take note of your pet's:

  • Typical routine
  • Favorite activities
  • Level of shyness

Every animal is different, and your pet should be treated like an individual. Contact us today for professional pet sitting services.